Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Virginia bluebells blooming in my yard
White admiral caterpillar that I overwintered eating choke cherry
Were getting closer. Spring has come. Early spring flowers are up. Some of the plants and my prairie/ butterfly garden and poking through. I can barely see many of my milkweeds coming up. Most trees are leafing out. I have only seen a few butterflies; cabbage whites and sulphers. I have heard reports of others though. I have all of my cocoons and sphinx pupa outside. It will probably be at least a couple weeks till they start hatching. They usually don't start until overnight temps are above 50F and we are not there yet. (It was 39 when I got up this morning). I plan on having luna, polyphemus, promethea, cecropia, and io  ova(eggs) available. I sell them $15 for 20 and that includes mailing them. I mail them in small padded envelopes as they usually get there quicker. I prefer not to sell them in smaller quantities, but if you want to mix and match that is fine as long as they are available at the same time. Sometimes they are and other not. I have no control over it. Most years they seem to have an order in which they hatch. Luna usually start hatching first in late May followed by polyphemus in early June, and then cecropia, promethea, and io in mid June. I might have other sphinx and butterfly species, but I'll wait to post these as they come available.
Rattlesnake Master coming up in my prairie/ butterfly garden